Course description

The course gives an overview on various biometrical identification methodologies and existing systems based using computer vision tools. The introduced techniques provide great opportunities in the fields of surveillance systems and intelligent multimedia equipments

During the laboratory excercise, the participants will design, implement and test own face, fingerprint and gait recognition algorithms.


Lecturer and course responsible: Dr. Csaba Benedek, associate professors, e-mail:

Hours per week: 2 lessons lecture each weak, 2 lessons laboratory excercise each second week
Credits: 3
Type of the exam: final written/oral assessment


Teaser: a few interesting chapters:



The course in 2016 autumn is announced in English. You can check the archieve 2015 (Hungarian) course homepage here.

Schedule of lessons and lectures 2016

Tentative course schedule (subject of change). Lecture pdf files can be downloaded with Shibboleth idp @ PPKE login/passwd.


Week Lecture date Lecture topic (Monday) Slides Laboratory (Tuesday)
1. Sept 12 Course introduction slide --
2. Sept 19 Definitions and history slide Image processing fundations (HU)
3. Sept 26 Recognition schemes, accuracy measures, legal environment, standards slide --
4. Oct 3 Fingerprint based recognition slide Fingerprint recognition
5. Oct 10 Face detection and recognition/1 - Introduction


6. Oct 17 Face detection and recognition/2 - Eigenfaces and Fisherfaces, Viola-Jones face detector slide Face recognition
7-8 Oct 24-Nov 7 Face detection and recognition/3- Model based techniques - Active Shape Models, Active Appearance Models (in Hungarian)


pptx + videók

Nov 9: Mid term test
9. Nov 14 Gait based person recognition slide --
10. Nov 21 Handwriting recognition slide Gait recognition
11. Nov 28

Iris recognition

slide --
12. Dec 5

Retina-vasculature and ear based recognition

slide Hand and palm print recognition
13. Dec 12

Keystroke dynamics, biometric passport

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